Headgear History - Headgear Types, Facts and History

Headgear is just another word for everything that you can put on a head, under a head, behind a head and in a head for whatever reason. But what is all that? Read here.

Crown Headgear

History of Headgear

Anything that you can put on you head, implying that you want to, is a headgear. Headgear items are here from the beginning of history and can have many uses. Learn more about history of headgear here.

Headgear Gold Crown

Types of Headgear

There are as much types of headgear as there are reasons to put something on head. In this text we will become acquainted with some of them. Read more about types of headgear here.

Crown of Hungary

History of Crowns

Since there were rulers there were crowns. They could be real and made from variety of materials or just symbols but with the same power. Find out more about the history of crowns, simbolism and other facts about crowns.

Knight Helmet