Different Hat Types and Styles

History of hats is long and there are many types of hat: civilian, military, ceremonial and religious. We will give descriptions of some hats here:

  • Ascot cap - also known as “Cuffley cap” or “Lippincott cap”. Similar to “flat cap” but made of hard felt and round in shape with a small bill. First made in 1900.
  • Akubra - Australian soft felt hat, similar to Stetson and fedora but with much wider brim.
  • Balaclava - or a ski mask. Headgear that covers the whole head with only opening for eyes and maybe mouth. Known from 19th century.
  • Baseball cap - soft cap made from cotton or synthetic materials with bill in the front and rounded crown. Made at the end of 19tyh century.
  • Beanie - similar to baseball cap but with a propeller on the top of the crown. Popular amongst the kids.
  • Beret - round cap made from soft felt without the brim. Worn by men and women. Popular in military. Mass production started in 19th century.
  • Boss of the plains - hat with a wide brim and high rounded crown. Made for all weather. Cowboy hat.
  • Bowler / Derby - made in 1850 from hard felt with rounded crown and narrow brim.
Many Hats
  • Campaign hat - hat made from felt or straw with a wide brim and a high crown pinched in four corners.
  • Custodian helmet - made for London Metropolitan Police in 1863. Helmet made for constables that are on foot patrol. Made from cork and covered in felt.
  • Deerstalker - tweed cap made for hunting in cold weather. With earflaps and brims in front and behind.
  • Fedora - hat made of soft felt with creased crown and medium brim. Made in 1891.
  • Fez - felt hat (most commonly red) in a shape of a short cylinder with a tassel.
  • Flat cap - also known as “bunnet”. Flat soft cap made from tweed or wool with short bill. Could be tracad to 14th century.
  • Ghutrah - headgear that consists of three parts: a Thagiyah skull cap, Gutrah scarf, and Ogal black band. Could be white or checkered.
  • Green eyeshade - green visor made from celuloid as a protection from harsh office light. From late 19th century.
  • Hard hat - civilian helmet used as protection in working conditions against falling objects. Made from plastic with a short bill. From the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Kepi - French military cap with cylindrical crown and a visor at the front.
  • Mortarboard - square flat hat with a button in the middle and a tassel. Part of the academic dress. Developed from biretta.
  • Top hat - tall cylindrical hat with flat crown made of silk or felt. Worn in 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Now not so much.
  • Toque - white tall cylindrical hat worn by kitchen shefs.
  • Trilby - variant of fedora hat with narrower brim and brim folded at the back.
  • Turban - headdress made of the single piece of clothe that is wound around the head or an inner hat.
Many Hats