Types of Headgear - Historical and Modern

There are different types of headgear that serve different purposes.

  • Bonnets were women hats or men caps that are in use since the Middle Ages. Women bonnets were brimless head-coverings made from soft material and usually with a peak of different sizes. Some peaks were so large that woman couldn’t look left nor right unless she turns her head. Bonnets protected hair and head from natural elements. Man bonnet is Scotland name for cap especially for military bonnet.
  • Caps are made from soft material and have no brim but they can have bill or peak (like baseball cap or a beret). There is wide variety of caps, both for women and for men.
  • Crowns are a symbolic headgear worn by royalty and it symbolizes among other things, nobilty, royalty and power to rule. In some cases crowns, coronets and tiaras have evolved into jewelry.
  • Fillets or circlet is a simpler form of crown. It has no arches nor a cap. Complex versions of circlets became crowns in time but fillet could be made from leather or fabric and it was not reserved for royalty only but it was worn by athletes in Ancient Greece for instance.
Headgear Gold Crown
  • Hair covers . Different hair covers have different uses. Hairnet is used to hold the hair and to prevent it to get in to food. Women used snood for gathering hair by pinning or tying snood to a head. Scarves are also used as a headgear to cover the hair and keep the haircut in order. Shower and swim caps also belong in this group as they keep hair from getting wet.
  • Hats , unlike caps, have brims and worn on the had by simple placing or they are sometimes pinned with needles to the hair so they stay in place. Hat could be for women, for men or the can be for both sexes.
  • Helmets are made to protect head from different sources. They are used in battle and on construction sites were there is a danger of injury. They are also used in some sports, like football, hockey and paintball and also while operating certain vehicles like motorcycles.
  • Hoods are soft coverings for head and are part of lager outfit like jacket, cloak or a sweat suit. They are in use since medieval times and are available for men and for women.
  • Masks are covers for face, whole or just a part of it for reasons of disguise or for protection in work. Sometimes they are worn on masquerades for pleasure and fun but they can be worn by criminals who want to hide their identity while committing a crime. Protection masks are used in sports for instance but also when spending time in dangerous atmospheres like gas masks.
  • Orthodontic headgear is a medical headgear that is used to control growth of face bones and teeth.
  • Turbans are used mostly by males. They are consist of a single long piece of cloth that is wraped around head or around the hat.
  • Veil is a piece of sheer fabric that is used to cover whole or a part of the face for different reasons but mostly religious.
  • Head wraps are also pieces of fabric used to cover the head. They are in the shape of shawl, headscarf or kerchief.
  • Wigs are headgears made from synthetic or natural hair and are worn as a mean to cover the boldness, thin hair or as a part of the costume.
Headgear Gold Crown